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Interspect Software
"Hands Free" Home Inspection Report Writing Software
With Wireless Voice Command Technology

Come and see a demonstration at the following scheduled conferences:

Southeastern Home Inspectors Conference - Duluth, GA - September 10 - 12, 2015
Congratulations to Phillip Johnson with Beaumont Building Inspections
who won the drawing for a free copy of Interspect

Inspection World 2016 - San Diego, CA - January 24 - 27, 2016

09/16/2015 Build 219 released!
All customers current on their maintenance will automatically receive the update.

Interspect Highlights

  • Create an impressive inspection report with the industry's easiest to use "Voice Control" or use "Point and Click" navigation to build, edit, print and email your report.
  • Click on Report Validation and get warnings if you missed inspecting an important item or did not add something required into your inspection report.
  • Add, edit and then re-edit an unlimited number of photographs in your inspection report. Maintain a Global Library of reference photos for use in any inspection.
  • Create your own reports by adding templates that include your specific systems and items.
  • Inspect in true "Room by Room" mode by adding rooms as you go, or inspect in traditional "Systems" mode, or both, in the same inspection.
  • Use Voice Command Technology with the Interspect Voice Module to build your report while you inspect by issuing commands via a wireless headset.
  • Provide foundation or roof maps with auto-calculated area in your inspection reports with Interspect Sketch Module. Great for indicating the location of WDI!
  • Include technical reference drawings in your inspection reports using Illustratit's Illustrations. Just import them into Interspect.
How to Buy

  1. View the features, watch the training and demo videos, and examine the samples offered on this website.
  2. Download Interspect from this website. You get a free 30-day trial of these software component; Interspect Desktop, Voice, and Sketch.
  3. When you have decided what components you want, purchase a license key for each. You will receive the license keys via email. Simply go to your trial version and click on "About" to enter your keys for permanent ownership of Interspect.
  4. Support and maintenance is covered the first year with your purchase. After that, it is just $175 a year and you will receive continuous support, maintenance, and upgrades to the Interspect software. (There are no more costs of ownership.)
  5. Enjoy your purchase of the best inspection software available!
"This is an open letter to all my fellow home inspectors across the country. If your using a written report or a hand held PDA with a stylus and then downloading to your computer, your way behind the times. I was an old school kinda guy who thought I would never change from my hand written report system. One day during an inspection a gentleman friend of my client ,told me his son had developed a voice recognition system for home inspectors. I immediatly had this man call his son in Texas, after a five minute chat and his detailed explanation of the program, I was hooked. I tried his 30 day free trial and knew after 10 days that I would be buying his program.
In all honesty I had problems with the program right form the start. (99% was self induced because I was a total novice on the computer.)
The support people at Onclarity were there for my every question and helped me with every detail until I mastered this system.
Just imagine, never buying pre printed reports again. I was paying $12,000 per year for reports, never again. I have the ability to e-mail any where, from the home I inspected, no special down loads or creating a PDF file. just click e-mail and send where you want them. I can also print on the spot if necessary. I have approximatley 1000 agent and agencies I deal with, I have given a class at each real-estate firm and the reception has been overwhelming. I highly recommend you give this program a try, If you do, you will never go back to using your old system. Feel free to contact me at the address below.

Paul Bernard
Purist Enterprises
"I hope many more inspectors will find your product as I know it will benefit them as much as it has me. I have been utilizing software computer generated reports since 1998 and none of them have been more than pre-written electronic forms until your product.
Interspect Voice is the first product for home inspectors that allows me to either utilize boiler plates or thanks to the voice recognition system I can also create the first truly custom report without writing from a blank word document. This is fantastic - no more cave man reports reading "rot at west fascia". We now have the ability to produce a custom report for each house which greatly reduces our liability and effort. Not only has my time on the jobsite decreased by my referrals have increased when my clientele watch me create the report by talking to my computer.
I have used dozens of software products but none matches to yours.
Thank you so much,
Doug Zumach
Checklist Building Inspections
Chicago, IL"











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